CES2013 Panasonic OLED Technology

CES2013 unveiled many technologically amazing creations. Amongst these devices was the range of OLED TVs currently in production by Panasonic. Panasonic have taken their design prowess and range of fantastic features, and developed a great new means of viewing at home. OLED TV is not only more energy efficient than any other variety, but the […]


You Don’t Have a Television?

One can argue that televisions are the most important pieces of technology for most American families.  Often boasting a central location in the center of a living room or den, television programming comprises the most popular form of entertainment we have today.  Television has slowly but surely replaced going out to the cinema for most […]


Apple TV: What is the Big Deal Anyway?

Have your hipster friends been waxing eloquent about their new Apple TV as of late? Or perhaps it is your grandchildren wondering why you don’t have it that has you wondering if, maybe, you actually should have it? In any case, there is one thing you must understand before we delve any further into whether […]


Advantages of Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs are relatively common in our society and are produced from a variety of different manufacturers. Not to mention, they come in a verity of designs and screen sizes. But there are a few things that you should take into consideration before making the decision to buy one. Below, we’ll show you all of […]


The History of Plasma TV

The Plasma TV screen is commonplace these days, and seems to be growing in size and reducing in price almost week by week. But did you know that the invention is nearly 50 years old?! In fact it was being mentioned in the very first series of Star trek- the Romulan WarBird spacecraft  had a […]